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Megan Colabrese directs the Navigators work and staff in Atlanta. Megan is asking that you would give or continue to give to Trueface so that more materials can be created for her work.

Trust for Today


This 365 day devotional from the Trueface team invites you to experience trust each day, from the mundane to the exceptional, from the deeply sad to hilarious. Touching on business, family, donuts, friendship and Adirondack chairs, Trust for Today invites you to grow in trust one day at a time.

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we all need trust.

Trust has been broken in our relationships, churches, organizations, and countries, and yet trust is fundamental for healthy, thriving lives. We were designed to trust God and trust others with who we really are.

Here at Trueface, we are helping to restore that trust.

To begin, we often ask this question: is it more important that you trust God, or that you please Him? Watch the video to explore this question.