Living to not perform never means living less, or not working hard. Or giving myself a pass to not do something really worth doing. It means working hard at the right things. It means being so free from performing to assuage God or prove to others that I am worth loving, that instead I can love well. And loving well costs. For loving well means it is no longer about my performance, but standing well with others in their hurts and losses and blind sides; even their performing. ...And it wonderfully also means I get to be wildly creative because I'm not trapped in my fear of rejection or failed steps along the way to the finished product. It means I'm not on trial in my very soul every time I publicly perform something. And so people more often get the best of me, more often get the fruit of hard work that carries no price tag of my adulation. So the real me, the Christ in me, who has an important role to play, gets to show up. Not the idealized me, but an authentic me who was created to walk around in these days, from before time. A me that still has in his some ideas and ways of seeing that could help and free some more folk. So today, I am writing. And I am praying that Christ in me, not the old guy trying to prove, shows up. For this identity talk, this grace talk, it is not just theoretical. It touches and bleeds into every project we undertake, every moment of our self pity or false motives. It is not about beating myself up that I am not better by now, or trying to add on another particular virtue, or trying to make my motives 8% better. I'm done with that false me. This is about daring to believe who I already am, what Christ in me looks like today. I am learning. I am maturing. I am believing. Now to shower and go find what Christ put there for me to walk in today. For this man, freed from performing, he has hard work to do.