Choose this path to explore how Trueface's resources can be used in sermon series, small groups, discipleship and church-wide events.

share the Two Roads Video

The Two Roads video is an excellent introduction to the concept of pleasing God and trusting God, and how this primary motivation affects our relationships. 

Ways to use the Two Roads video at your church:

  • Show it as an introduction to a sermon series
  • Use it on the first night of a small group


read The Cure

The Cure explores the difference between pleasing and trusting God, and the importance of trusting God and others with yourself. This book, told partly through narrative and partly through teaching, touches on our view of God, sin cycles, forgiveness, friendship, destiny, and much more. The Cure is an excellent way to set a foundation in your church of what it means to trust God and others, what a believers true identity is, and what kind of environment you want to create in your small groups and friendships.

Ways to use The Cure at your church:

  • Sermon series based on the seven chapters of the book
  • Small group study using the guide included in the back of the book, as well as videos that follow each chapter as discussion starters (you can see those here)
  • Use as a guide for discipleship or spiritual formation

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show the heart of man film and use the participant guide

The Heart of Man is a docu-drama weaving together documentary interviews and the parable of the prodigal son, set in Hawaii. This film invites us as sons and daughters to rediscover how God sees us in the midst of our brokenness and rebellion, and invites us all to the banquet the Father is throwing. This film is an excellent way to open honest and gritty conversation about what we really struggle with, how the Father sees us in the midst of our pain and sin, and how we as a community let others in to help us.

Ways to use The Heart of Man at your church:

  • Show the film to your congregation as a group event
  • Use the Participant guide that follows the six main scenes of the film in your small groups.
  • Use the Participant guide as a format for discipleship or spiritual formation


read the cure and parents

Our newest Trueface resource, The Cure and Parents rides alongside the Clawsons as they navigate how to build trust in their family. As they take their family vacation, you will join their journey of struggling with parenting, family of origin, and experiencing trust. This book is designed for everyone, from teens to grandparents, to understand how trust and grace apply to family.

Ways to use The Cure and Parents at your church:

  • Take a small group through the book using the Discussion Questions in the back of the book
  • Use as a discipleship or spiritual formation tool
  • Facilitate a weekend class to explore the themes in the book


take your team through the High Trust Leader Course

Designed to help you experience grace in relationships, the High Trust Leader Course utilizes faculty-guided discussions, face-to-face tools, reading, and specifically designed teaching videos. The High Trust Leader Certificate is done on your own schedule within each week, from anywhere in the world. Throughout the course you will be instructed, challenged, and encouraged in how to develop High Trust Communities of Grace. 

Ways to use the High Trust Leader Course at your church:

  • Take the HTLC with your ministry team to build trust