Thanks to the wonders of technology, Erin joins our team from Chicago. Armed with experience working at the Trueface office for a short time in 2013, she fits right in with the team with her appreciation for dry humor and sarcasm.

Erin has worked in a variety of nonprofit organizations for the past 15 years - from camps to schools and youth programs. Her experience in administration, volunteer management, and love for networking makes her an asset from afar as she enhances Trueface's communication with current and future partners. Knowing how being part of a high-trust community has affected her own life, Erin is passionate to spread the message so that everyone can experience the same love and acceptance through sharing their unique story and living life together.

When she's not working, you can usually find Erin enjoying life with her husband, Corey, and her two children. They love having friends over for dinner, watching a good football or baseball game, and feeding a plethora of baked goods to their guest to induce happiness and sugar comas.