Host Resources

To help you plan your grace experience

6 Weeks+ before retreat:

Pick a date
We find that a Thursday/Friday or Friday/Saturday often work best for guests, but you may schedule the retreat for anytime you believe will work best for your guests.

Once you have a date in mind, contact and she will check the master calendar. We will begin planning with you to make this the best experience possible.

Pick a venue
Find a hotel, retreat center, B&B, or home to host your retreat. It should be a place that comfortably holds about a dozen people, has a place for a couple of meals together around a table, and has access to the technology to show videos (a large television or a projector and screen.)

Hosts may choose to create a getaway for their guests. Inviting your group to a place where they can stay overnight, such as a retreat center, boutique hotel, or lake or beach home where everyone can stay provides those coming a chance to consider more deeply the topic, have unstructured conversations with others, and focus on what God is inviting them to be a part of.

We suggest a venue that feels like a comfortable living room over something that feels like a business conference room. Look for somewhere inviting where the entire group can be in one large circle.

When you have decided on a date and a venue, we can provide you with an electronic invitation with all the details for you to send your invitees.

Food and Beverage
As a host, you are responsible for providing snacks for both days, dinner on the first day and breakfast the following morning. You can prepare it ahead of time, or cater the meal. We recommend you invite someone to help you get the meal set up so you are not distracted or absent from the retreat. Always ask your guests for any food aversions or allergies before you create your menu.

These retreats are video driven. So having proper technology is crucial to making sure this retreat runs well. Your facilitator will know specifics of what you will need for technology. Make sure you communicate with them about specifics. Generally, a large screen television with an HDMI port works well. If that is not available, you can use a projector and a screen. The projector needs to be able to hook up to a computer.

Trueface has an email invitation for you to send to your potential guests. It should be sent via your email to your guest list. Your invitation will have a registration link. If someone communicates with you directly about coming, you will want to send that information to

A box of retreat materials will be sent to you a week to 10 days before your retreat. This box includes participant guides, pens, nametags, copies of The Cure, sign in sheets, and everything you need to host a retreat.

This retreat is meant to be a gift to the participants from the host(s). The host is responsible for purchasing the GCE Retreat materials (cost averages $200). We ask that cost is not passed along to the participants.

The host is responsible for the cost of the food – dinner, breakfast, and snacks. It’s up to the host to decide how best to do this part of the retreat.

Occasionally, there is not a volunteer facilitator within close driving distance of your retreat. If that is your situation, you may wait until we have one available nearby or you may choose to bring someone in from a distance. The host is then responsible for the expenses to get the facilitator to your retreat – flight and meals to and from. There is no cost or honorarium for the facilitator to do the retreat.

If you find the cost prohibitive, consider asking someone to co-host with you and share the costs.


1 month ahead of retreat:

Coordinate meals, snacks, and technology needs with your venue.
Finalize technology plan with venue and facilitator.


3 weeks ahead of retreat:

Send out GCE retreat confirmation template via email to those attending the retreat.


10 days ahead of retreat:

Trueface will reach out to you to arrange the shipping of the GCE Retreat materials. Contact Joellen Maurer at or 847-736-5659 with any questions.


3 days ahead of retreat:

Receive GCE Retreat final email from Trueface and forward to attendees.


Day of retreat:

Give GCE Retreat box to facilitator. Know that you have been and are being prayed for this day by your friends at Trueface.

Room Set up:

  • Make sure room temperature is appropriate for a group.
  • Know where light switches are as you will want to dim lights for the videos.
  • Know where bathrooms are located and share that with you guests at the beginning of the retreat.
  • Communicate parking arrangements with your guests.


After the Retreat:

Pray for those who attended your retreat. Consider having a follow-up with your group in the near future.