Experience grace in your community

The Grace Changes Everything (GCE) retreats are a simple way to explore grace with your community. Hosted by people like you, these retreats consist of video stories, facilitator-guided discussions, reading for reflection and thought-provoking questions, spread over just one evening and the next morning. If you've wanted to step further into grace with those around you, hosting this retreat is a great starting point.


W H O ?
The GCE retreat is hosted by someone like you, and attended by whoever they invite (we suggest 8-12 participants). A Trueface facilitator is then assigned to the retreat to help facilitate the discussion and format. The facilitator is never there to teach, only to guide discussion with thoughtful questions


W H E R E ?
Each retreat is different, because it is a one-time event hosted by a friend. These retreats are hosted at retreat centers, hotels, homes, bed and breakfasts, or wherever your host decides. Ask your host for more details.


W H A T ?
The retreats consist of video stories, group discussions, short readings and scripture. From there, it's up to your group; the Trueface facilitator is there to ask questions that allow you to explore what God's grace really means.


H O W ?
Hosting a retreat is simple. You will need a GCE Retreat Box ($200 for a max of 12 participants, an additional $15 per participant over 12), somewhere to host, and people you'd like to experience grace with. You will provide the food for your guests and Trueface will pair you with one of our trained volunteer facilitators. Click the button below to let us know you're interested or want to find out more information.


Typical Schedule


Day 1
2:00PM   Session 1
3:45PM   Break
4:00PM   Session 2
5:30PM   Dinner
7:30PM    Session 3

Day 2
8:00AM   Breakfast
8:30AM   Session 4
10:00AM  Break
10:15AM   Session 5
12:00PM  Close


Frequently Asked Questions

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How big is a typical retreat? v

We've found that a group of 8 - 12 is ideal for these retreats.

How long is the retreat? v

The retreat starts at 2 pm and ends at noon the next day.

How do I attend a retreat? v

Retreats are invite-only events put on by people just like you. If you have been invited to a retreat, contact your host for more information. If you have not been invited to a retreat, consider hosting your own.

Do attendees need to read any material before they come? v

No. These retreats are for anyone that is interested in exploring God's grace and how it applies to their lives.