What is it the High Trust Leader Certificate?

We designed this course to help you experience grace in relationships. We do this through faculty-guided discussions, face-to-face tools, reading, and specifically designed teaching videos. Learn High Trust principles on your own schedule within each week, from anywhere in the world.

You will be instructed, challenged, and encouraged in how to develop High Trust Communities of Grace. The HTLC provides teams of any size or budget the ability to dive deeper into the gospel of God's grace.

I have been so blessed by this course. I have shared with my team at work this has been the single most impactful leadership resource I have used in recent years encouraging them to consider going through the course.
— Carol Ham, Care Pastor at WoodsEdge Community Church
Interact Anywhere On Any Device

Interact Anywhere On Any Device

Why Should I Take the Course?

This course can shift your worldview, not simply fine-tune your current world.
This course can build and restore trust, not simply add to status-quo cultures.
This course can produce health in your key relationships, not simply offer techniques.
This course can expand and deepen your influence, not simply offer leadership skills.

The HTLC has been more spiritually transformative for me than anything I’ve experienced.
— Sue Tell - Navigators Staff 40+ years

The HTLC is designed to be:

· Relationally-Rich
· Experientially-Real
· Biblically-Anchored
· Educationally-Astute
· Internationally-Accessible
· Strategically-Replicable

It's Your Time

One of the best things about the HTL course is that you can actually do it. You will never be required to log-in at a specific time or be at a specific place to gain all of the benefits of this certification. Within each week, you will set your own schedule for how you engage with the material and fellow students from any web connected device. This "asynchronous" approach allows maximum flexibility, while also providing a full pallet of tools to engage in real time.