Choose this path to explore trusting God and others with yourself and those that you lead.

The Ascent of a Leader

This practical, visionary, and hope-filled book guides leaders through a step-by-step process for developing both personal character and the network of important relationships that enable character to win out, even in the face of setbacks, adversity, and temptations to take short cuts. Develop extraordinary character and influence and foster environments of trust for those you lead. As you begin walking this path, this book is your starting point.



Once a month we’ll send you a short teaching, and you’ll stay connected to our community and any news or upcoming events where you can join us. 

The Cure

The Cure explores the difference between pleasing and trusting God, and the importance of trusting God and others with yourself. This book, told partly through narrative and partly through teaching, touches on our view of God, sin cycles, forgiveness, friendship, destiny, and much more.

Steps along the path:

  • While reading The Cure, follow the included study guide at the back of the book.
  • Choose at least one person in your life to share what you’re learning about yourself through The Cure. This helps you to practice trusting others with yourself.


Join us weekly for a 15 minute podcast, where we talk about the ups and downs of our own paths, and what the Word of God has to say about it. These short segments of truth and grace will help you know you’re part of a community as you take this journey.


Introductory Course

Lay it Down

Lay it Down provides a fantastic walk through the biblical foundation of how grace changes everything. Bill Tell's excellent step-by-step thinking offers us a way back to the original good news as he evaluates specific verses. Once you have read The Cure, we invite you to let Bill Tell help you Lay it Down.

High Trust Leader Course

Designed to help you experience grace in relationships, the High Trust Leader Course utilizes faculty-guided discussions, face-to-face tools, reading, and specifically designed teaching videos. The High Trust Leader Certificate is done on your own schedule within each week, from anywhere in the world. Throughout the course you will be instructed, challenged, and encouraged in how to develop High Trust Communities of Grace. 

Steps along the path:

  • Take the HTLC with at least 2 other people
  • Consider who else in your life might benefit from this pathway, and reach out to walk with them.