Trueface is part of a global movement to see millions of high-trust communities of grace multiplied around the world, because we believe that Grace changes everything.

Grace changes how we see the true face of Jesus, how we heal, mature, and live out the dreams God has for us. Grace changes how we resolve prejudice, discrimination, and oppression. Grace changes how we handle conflict, sin, anger, addiction, shame, and failure. Grace changes how we develop leaders and their teams, and inspire their best work. Grace changes how we teach, motivate, disciple, and inspire our faith communities. Most importantly, grace changes how we see God, ourselves, and others. This is the original good news.

We help people experience the profound benefits of grace, by teaching them how to trust God and others with themselves.

To help restore this original good news to you, Trueface offers a variety of means for your journey, including books, study guides, events, videos, podcasts, group online education, consulting, and partnerships. In this relational process, we believe you will discover the true face of Jesus, again—maybe for the first time. He is the Source of every high-trust community of grace.  

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