Our best journeys start with a sense of where we're going, or at least a hint at where to start.
The personal pathway can help get you started in the right direction, exploring how Grace Changes Everything.

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Behind the Mask gives you specific insights to the family of origin and cycle of sin questions that arise from reading The Cure and The Cure & Parents

This short booklet is full of concise truth that will help you find who God has truly made you. 



High powered exec Steven Kerner has no idea how his unresolved anger threatens his marriage, his relationship with his children, or his high-profile way of life. Bo's Cafe guides us through Steven's journey as he struggles to trust that God and others have answers for his life, marriage, and parenting that he cannot find on his own.

Continue your personal journey by finding yourself in this story.



Is God with us even in our worst? Does God love us the same even on our Worst Day? This is a full access pass to John Lynch's journey, a life full of the winningly ridiculous and soulfully poignant. Find yourself, grace, and the God that has always been inviting you into your story.



Lay it Down provides a fantastic walk through the biblical foundation of how grace changes everything. Bill Tell's excellent step-by-step thinking offers us a way back to the original good news as he evaluates specific verses.

Once you have read The Cure, we invite you to let Bill Tell help you Lay it Down.