The ladders leaders climb

Leaders often lead out of their capacity without paying attention to their character.
Which ladder is better? The answer is yes to both. But character wins the day every time.

Capacity Ladder.jpg

The Capacity Ladder

Capacity is crucial. But so often this crucial thing becomes crushing to people, environments, and our own soul.
The more powerful the capacity, the more powerful the impact on building or destroying trust.

01. Three Ladders-character.jpg

The Character Ladder

This is the ladder that so few leaders invest time or resource in. We do not teach this or value it in our universities. We do not give bonuses for character. Our world consistently climbs the wrong ladder in an attempt to succeed. 

success ladder NEW.jpg

The Integrated Ladder

When both capacity and character come together, everything changes. But it all starts with humility. Without humility we are left standing, looking up at our true desires, while we are looking down at the people we do not trust and who cannot trust us.