"Those Tests are Only 99.9% Accurate"

So far being a new mom has been the most exhilarating, thrilling, tiring, joyful, humbling ride I’ve ever been on. I never thought it would be possible to function on two hours of sleep, but not only through God’s grace can you function, but you can also have some really fun, albeit delirious, conversations with other new moms who also had little sleep that previous night. ☺

Karly Grace turned 9 months this week. It’s amazing how time flew by so fast!

Last night, my husband Erik and I were reminiscing over all the feelings we had when finding out we were expecting a child – feelings of joy, excitement, unbelief but mostly remembering the fear of being new parents. We recalled taking the home-pregnancy test three times because those tests are only 99.9% accurate and we could have fallen into the .1%. We were scared and didn’t feel “ready” to be parents.

In fact, during pregnancy, I never felt “ready” to be a mom. Being maternal has never been one of my strong characteristics. I was the little girl that played with cars, G.I. Joe and blocks, not dolls and tea sets. However, despite my own fears, God has continued to show me how amazing His grace, love and provisions truly are.

He’s given me comfort by revealing to me that I’m not doing this alone. He is next to me and Karly every step of the way and I can trust in that! He’s also provided Karly with amazing grandparents great grandparents and friends here on earth, that also teach her, help her and most importantly love her. Through their generosity and time, I have no doubt that Karly has been able to experience God’s great love for her.

While it’s still intimidating at times, I’m looking forward to the remaining journey of motherhood and gladly welcome any tips on teething, feeding solid foods, etc…. ☺