Sunny in Seattle

The Leadership Catalyst Team was in Seattle last week for our second 24-hour Taste of Bo’s Café of the year. We were joined by 20 couples from the Washington and Oregon area. Sunny and 90 degrees is nothing new to our Phoenix-based team, but for the couples from the Northwest the weather couldn’t have been better.

It can be hard to imagine that a 24 hour period could be life changing, but for the second time this year, God encouraged many of these couples with these hope giving truths of Protective Love. It could be the fact that John Lynch loosened us all up by jokingly describing the real argument that he and Stacey had just before they came to present at a marriage retreat; it might have a lot to do with the fact that the principles of Protective Love encourage couples to see themselves as “for” each other, for the first time in a long time.

One of the hardest things about marriage can be admitting to the walls that we have built up to defend ourselves. Not only is it painful to think about what incited us to build these walls in the first place, but these walls mean that our reaction to hurt has now potentially become as much a roadblock to loving our spouse as the original hurts against us.

The Principles of Protective Love remind us of how God sees us, that Jesus moment by moment stands with his arm around us, and my sin is not between us. That same picture starts to take shape with our spouse as we imagine what it would look like to let our spouse know and protect the real us. This is a scary, vulnerable, and very real place; and it is the only place that God intended for married couples to live.