Thinking About Blood Diamond Country and the Chandlers

This morning on my run in the desert mountains I was asking myself, “What’s a diamond ring mean to the typical married woman?” Treasure beyond price. So, why did Lisa give hers away to start a prosthetics ministry for the maimed children of blood diamond country, Sierra Leone? And, this. “What does the typical young man from Las Vegas do with a PhD from St Andrews?” He secures a position at most any graduate school in which he wants to teach. Then, why is Chris using his PhD to start a training ministry-Leaders4Life-for the violated young adults of this poorest nation on the planet, Sierra Leone?

It’s simple. And, scary. God called Chris & Lisa to bring heaven to one of the most hellish places. They showed up with their lives, their education, and their diamond. Now others are bringing their diamonds to this kingdom cause.

You need to know about Chris & Lisa Chandler, check out their blog here.

By the way, Chris & Lisa are also taking a rare change agent with them that will bring healing and freedom to the young adults of Sierra Leone. It is the TrueFaced worldview of God’s grace. The Chandlers carry TrueFaced to Sierra Leone because they know that this worldview can transform people anywhere at anytime.

Some of you heard your name being called as you read about Sierra Leone. You want to use your medical, educational, or other skills to team up with Leaders4Life. Some of you will invest generous financial resources in Leaders4Life. Some of you want to live in a TrueFaced community on the edge of the world-this one might have your name on it. Others of you will pray for Sierra Leone. And, some of you will even part with a diamond. Write Chris and Lisa