A Tailored Fit

If I know I have worth because of His choice of fully loving me…
Then I don’t have to manufacture a reason to be loved.
I can instead, love you and offer you affirmation and attention.

If I know my acceptance to Him is irrevocable…
Then I don’t have to gossip about you to tear you down and bring myself up.
I can instead, protect your heart and build you up.

If I know I’m loved by Him only because of His good pleasure…
Then I don’t have to compete with you in child raising, money, godliness, home decorating, accolades, or friends.
I can instead, work for your success and see your success as mine also.

If I know I’m rich in Him already in everything that matters…
Then I don’t have to prove my wealth in money, status, looks, career, competence, notoriety, and talent.
I can instead, use my time to pay attention to your needs.

If I know that I’ll be taken care of by God’s sovereign protection...
Then I don’t have to preoccupy myself, scheming and pressuring myself to getting ahead and doing things to get noticed.
I can instead, look around and see who is hurting.

If I know that God is already please with me in Christ…
Then I don’t have to busy myself with proving my worth.
I can rest, relax, play and give my full attention to family, and at the end of the day, smile and sleep well.

If I know that God’s choice of biggest and most doesn’t always go to those who please Him most… Then I don’t have to make “success” my driving passion.
I can instead let character, integrity, faithfulness, and love be my drive.

If I know God is in control of my moment-to-moment needs…
Then I don’t have to control others.
I can instead free them by my trust of them.

If I know God isn’t judging me by a standard of who is the best leader, or who has the most authority…
Then I don’t have to worry about positioning myself.
I can instead, submit to your strengths and protect your weaknesses.

If I know God is for me…
Then I don’t have to prove myself by my righteousness.
I can listen to your heart to teach mine.

If I know there is no dream out there that God will deny me because of lack of self attentiveness…
Then I don’t have to regret where I am in life right now.
I can then help be used of God to foster His dreams for you.

If I know God is always gracious toward me…
Then I don’t have to be gruff, demanding, intolerant, judging.
I can then offer grace, mercy, forgiveness, and acceptance to you.

If I know that I am a new creature, crucified with Christ, indwelt by the Holy Spirit, forgiven completely, justified, redeemed and sanctified, with Jesus and His intimate love present every single moment…
Then I no longer have to beat myself up, mistrust myself, pretend I can’t please God, or pretend I can’t live for Him.
I can then start to experience and enjoy my sweet Savior every single day of my life.

John Lynch