Sin Shall Not Be Master

…The moralists say: “Paul, you’re teaching, ‘Lets sin that grace might abound!’”

Paul answers, “That’s like saying, ‘Hey we got plenty of gauze and antibiotics so lets keep hitting each other with shovels!’”

What about the Law kept you mastered by sin?
1) The condemnation of it
2) The lie that I could have no power over it
3) The lie that I could never be any different
4) The sense that the accusation was correct
5) The sense that I angered, disgusted God
6) The conviction that I had to solve it by my power
7) Horrible defeat after defeat using my own power.
8) The sense of heroism in my self-effort
9) The lie that one day, w/enough something-I could out willpower sin
10) The “thou shalt not” in law that makes me want to rebel, and to do it more than ever

Romans says sin shall not be your master because you’re no longer under Law but under grace.

What about grace frees you from sin’s mastery?
1) You are not what or who you once were
2) You are not under condemnation of performance
3) You have the power of a new nature to face sin
4) You’re not owned by the power of your past
5) Sin’s power is infinitely weaker than Christ in you
6) You have no allegiance to your old way
7) You have a new resurrected life with Christ in you
8) You have the power to choose allegiance to Christ
9) The reason to rebel has been taken away
10) You’re dearly loved and no behavior can change that
11) You have nothing to prove to become acceptable
12) Love now becomes your motive-not compliance to rule

John Lynch