Something's in the Water

You may be healthy in every other way, but if you drink this water, you will live with amoebas, dysentery, diarrhea, indigestion, typhoid, cholera, and ironically thirst, or dehydration. Most people who drink bad water don't know it is, or if they know, they don't have a choice. Desperate! All they know for sure is they're sick, and even dying. Something's in their water. True in the physical realm. 


True in the spiritual realm. Does it break your heart, like it does ours, that millions of Christians are drinking water they thought would bring them Life, but now they're sick and sad and stuck and spent and selfish and suffocating? 

Something's in their water. 

To be true or authentic means to be "uncorrupted from the original." True or fresh water must be uncorrupted from the original. Now, you know why we talk so much about the Original Good News. You have to get back to the Headwaters. Back to the true Gospel. Or you will live sick. 

When you drink corrupted water, you will live 'a life of corruption.' Not that you'll rob a bank. But, your life will distort and twist out of shape from what it could've been. Usually, the symptoms don't even appear related to the corrupted water. But, bad water works systemically - compounding ailments throughout your system. For example, drinking corrupted water will cause you to trade off Freedom for Bondage. Joy for Drudgery. Relaxation for Compulsiveness. Compassion for Criticism. Peace for Anger. Love for Sin. Others for Self-Obsession. Friendship for Alienation. Vision for Myopia. Mission for Toys. Finishing Well for Flaming Out. The corruption list is long. The price is high.

 Jesus said, "Whoever drinks of the water I will give him, will never be thirsty again." (John 4.14). If true, why do you think so many Christians live "thirsty?" Someone slipped them corrupted water. And, they're drinking it. Remember, to drink it, is to trust it.

This core issue remains. A vast majority of Christians trust the Original Water for saving, but not for living. At one time, you could've found them drinking at the Headwaters, but they've wandered downstream into a stagnant pond, where pollutants abound. Now they're working hard, drinking even more polluted water faster, to overcome their sickness. Twisted. Or, they've given up hope that they'll ever get well, and they're slowly dying. Tragic. If you are thirsty, stop drinking whatever is in your bottle.Let us, or a friend, take you back to the uncorrupted Headwaters. You'll "never be thirsty again."

John Lynch