Still New to This Chapter

I discover, in my preaching, that I write and lean towards these kinds of thoughts. To show God good and kind and wise, above and in, next to and standing with, over and amidst, missing nothing and redeeming everything. If I don't have these as my starting point, then all talk about grace seems like whistling in the dark. But He is this good and better. And grace is endlessly true and the wondrous order of His Kingdom. How did I, the one who swore His name as a punchline to mocking jokes, stumble into such wonder and goodness?

"To fix everything is not to care for you. To give you what you envy of others is not to love you well, but to leave you unhealthy. To heal every infirmity will never allow you to learn dependence upon Him, or enter into compassion for others. It will never satisfy your heart, or allow His glory to be revealed in you."

"The best life, the greatest life is not the pristine life, the fully satiated life, the fixed life, the neatly ordered life. The best life is the real one-with God receiving glory as you trust Him, enjoy Him and others, amidst the beauty and the rubble."

"So, God refashions all the evil on this planet, which hits every one of us…and actually employs it to move us to maturity, and give us an even better life than if it had never happened."

"God, if He is whom He claims to be, does not stop all pain or loss-but instead, wonderfully discloses channels of receptivity we did not previously know existed. Like new capillaries formed in training at high altitude, the capacity to receive love increases. And that, just that, somehow becomes more than enough. Or at least so I'm told. I'm still new to this chapter."

John (a grateful member of this ever-growing tribe of grace) 

John Lynch