The Idol of Self Effort

Jesus might kindly say to us-“You will be tempted to want to identify your idols and then, one by one, with watchful diligence and slavish intention-eradicate, be freed, fixed or released from them. In truth, you will have only allowed in another idol; your confidence in your ability to vanquish your idols. Your idols will never be eradicated by good intention and rigorous self-examination, but by substitution. You created the idols because you could not yet believe I am who I say I am in you. When you see me well, when you see the beauty of my delight, the freedom of this life in the light, the idols will begin to lose their shape and form. Others may want you to focus on naming and destroying your idols. I wish you wouldn’t bother. They exist only because you are still too frightened to risk trusting the life that is, the one we are enjoying together, along with this fragile, wonderful community of those all around us who I’m convincing to risk the same.”

John Lynch