Will He Break Us

I imagine Jesus might be saying this to us: “You have heard it from nearly the moment you came to me. That eventually, for your own good, I will have to break you. Often, for the rest of your life.” It is not true. I have never and will never try to break you. How could you ever allow your heart to rest in one who, at any moment, would unleash something intended to break something in you? Please understand, child, you came to Me broken, devastated, undone, shattered and bleeding. Every moment of anything I’ve allowed, denied, withheld or caused has been to heal you, to undo the damage of the breaking this life and you have done to you. Yes, pain will hit you. It is the result of living on this dying planet. It hits every human. I am sovereign and in a love greater than yours for you, able to even control what pain gets through. Yes, there is discipline from love. But there is never even a hint of retribution or punishment. Ever.

Yes, I have the distinct honor and privilege to stand in His behalf and experience the sufferings for representing His name here on earth. But even that at its most difficult, will never be allowed to be used to break me, but only to give me the joy of living this life in His steps.

All of what I do is only ever being used to heal, free, and allow this new creature to visibly emerge to you and all who run across your life. Never will I create pain to teach you something. I am your God. I will not play a game with you. I know how to win your heart, to cause love to emerge, to undo destructive patterns, without doing more damage. I love you.”

John Lynch