Without The Leash

Just came back from a walk with my thirteen-year-old Golden Retriever, Bali. I believe she has just stayed around primarily to protect me. We go on walks each day when I'm in town. And every time, at the corner where we turn in for home I say the same words to her: "Here kid, lets get that leash off and walk free these last few hundred yards. I love you so much." She shuffles faster for a few moments and then, to my great joy, remembers that by my side is where she really wants to be. And we walk it in together. Each time the routine becomes more meaningful and I say the words more intentionally. For she is rounding that corner towards Home. When she leaves this earth, you will be able to find me handing out leaflets on some street corner in an industrial sector of Jakarta, Indonesia. I will miss many of you when you leave, but when she leaves, I will not know how to make it. ...I realize there are thirty five spiritual metaphors I could apply right now. But they are too obvious and when I write them they make me feel slick and cheesy. Sometimes its ok to not connect the dots. I just love her. Maybe my God is using Bali to teach me how to make the last several hundred yards to Home, without the leash. (See, I can't help it. A spiritual metaphor on the way out of the post. My apologies) Great love. 

John Lynch