How He Sees You

How he sees you
Everything you have experienced and felt that is beautiful, kind, true, warm, safe, real, full of laughter, full of joy, full of elation is directly from Him, made custom to your unique heart. He believes in you, He knows everything about you and nothing that can be told about you will change His love for you. 

He’ll stay here with you for the whole game. He grieves with you, He never listens to untruth about you, He is your fan, He is your protector. He is always for you. He is every moment bringing circumstances together for His glory and your good. He makes no mistakes for you. He loves you more than you can fathom in your sweetest thoughts. He thinks about you every moment. He is never put off by your unbelief, your distance, your hiding. He enters into all of your pain. He never stands aloof. He is, at this moment, changing your heart to free you to hear Him and let Him in. He is not ashamed of you, embarrassed of you, He is not sick of one more failure. He never sees you as unfit, not enough or insufficient. He is cleansing you every moment. He can play with you if you want, right in the middle of your deepest, darkest hour. He will not let life or enemies, or opponents, or slander or sadness or failure or unbelief swallow you up. He knows exactly when to bring water to your desert. 

He is not far off, but ready and present right now to meet you in the worship songs, and in these words. He has seen down the road called life, He has for you-good. He hears you. He understands the pains, confusion, disappointment, disillusionment, sorrow that no human can enter into. He smiles when your name is brought up. None of what you’re going through is ever punishment, or because He doesn’t love you as much as someone else. When confusing misfortune comes, He gathers His angels to watch your faith. He cheers you on. His delight and love of you is as personal and unique as you are. His power in your life is endless. His ownership of you is secure and solid. His ability to change you in His perfect timing is unerring, even in the things you wrongly blame Him for, He does not get angry or defensive. He just heaps more grace, more love, more tenderness onto you. 

No prayer you cry to Him ever, ever is not fully heard, felt and answered in perfect love. No pain ever is allowed randomly, but only after the counsel of His love to draw you to Him and make you more like Jesus. You are never alone, left to go it alone, even when you try to walk away. He is holding you, carrying you through every fear, doubt, blinding pain, and devastating disappointment. He has provided a home with Him, so soon it will be any moment, in a land where there is no pain, no more hurt, no more disillusionment, no more past wounds, no more love promised and not delivered, no more failure, no more sin…

John Lynch