Trumped by Love

*Nothing ever happens to me by chance but by love
*No pain, disappointment or loss is ever wasted
*Nothing happens you won’t work out for my best
*You will not give me a second-class life
*Even now, your life is fully redeemable into joy
*You have prepared a fulfilling life for me to walk
*You are never ashamed of me
*You have given me all your nature, love, ability
*I will stand in front of you one day-face to face
*If only I trust you with me, you will be pleased
*You will not forget my needs, or my family’s needs
*You will make perfect sense of all my sadness
*You are not withholding a better life because I am not enough
*If I give my life away to serve you, it’ll not be wasted. Instead I’ll be given beyond my dreams
*If I chose to love my spouse, even if they don’t know how to return it, you’ll give me a meaningful life
*If my spouse fails me, you will give me all the love I will ever need
*If my child is not smart enough, talented, or athletic, or good looking enough, you still created them to have incredible impact and joy in this life
*You love me with everything in your heart no
matter what I have done, or will do
*You are fully present, even when I do not hear
you or see your face in prayer, or worship
*You make no mistakes of any kind with my life
*My weaknesses never makes you disappointed with me
*If I never have enough to do the things I wanted
to do, you will not allow me to enjoy this life less
* You have a meaningful life for me still to live
*You will never give up on me
*This present calamity or issue will not destroy me
*If I don’t self-protect, you will protect me
*If I give up my rights to win, you will protect me
*If the unthinkable happens, you’ll be there with me
*I am never alone, forgotten
*I am delighted in, even when I have forgotten to enjoy who I am
*I am believed in even when I have stopped believing in who you have made me

John Lynch