Free Lovers Love

It is not hard to fall into this trap of thinking because I can articulate the tenets of freedom that I have learned how to live relationally in these freedoms with God and man. After awhile we'll get anesthetized from these truths if they haven't affected the way we relate to our world. We'll become the grace police. Grace and identity are not theological positions to club others down with any more than joy and delight are various styles of mustard. Yes, there is a theological shift that must take place, a taking off of a moralistic filter from our eyes. But for those who have done such, they're much more intent on getting freed to love, freed to protect others who do not yet have their freedom of conscience on matters of conscience. The other is just cheap self-entitlement. "Hey, look at me! I can do this, and I get to do that and, look at me, I'm doing this. I'm not tied up in the religious rules anymore!" Great. Go dancing, play poker until dawn, have a beer, wear the same shirt twice, wear shorts to a funeral...and then get over it. The free, they eventually don't even talk about freedom, grace or identity much with their closest friends. They're too busy building up the body, not judging others who are weak in their conscience. The Pharisee will always be in the corner, scribbling down notes at our party. But love is most concerned about limiting its own freedoms, for the sake of the weaker brother, until God has time to free their hearts to join you in your behavior...or not. We are free to see ourselves in Christ-alive, free and without condemnation. We are free to see ourselves as righteous. We are free to know the endless love of the Father and to see ourselves as adored, even on our worst day. We are free to love and be loved beyond measure. The one thing we are not, is free to ignore those who are freaked out by their heroes cavalierly flaunting behaviors that their God-given conscience has not yet given them permission to do. It can cripple them. It can undermine the beautiful process of faith between a human and their God.

Free lovers, love. And they are the most free of all.

John-one of the three amigos, part of the ever-increasing tribe of grace.

John Lynch