Here It Is

Here’s an excerpt that hopefully will make it through editing, from our new book, “On My Worst Day”. It is at least a sliver of proof that I haven’t spent my entire time spearfishing on a secluded island off Corsica.

“The most darkness-defying risk a human can take is to believe that in even this moment, the following is true. In my freshly proven shame, I want to turn away from it. But to do so is to deny the reason Jesus went to the cross. To do so will cripple me. So here it is. This is true about John Lynch, at this particular moment…On my worst day I am:
…Adored, enjoyed, delighted in, clean, holy, righteous, absolutely forgiven, new, beautiful, acceptable, complete, Spirit indwelled, chosen, adopted, able, intimately loved, smiled upon, planned for, protected, continually thought about, enjoyed, cared for, comforted, understood, known completely, given all mercy, compassion, guarded, matured, bragged on, defended, valued, esteemed, held, hugged and caressed, kissed, heard, honored, in unity with, favored, enough, on time, lacking nothing, directed, guided continually, never failed, waited for, anticipated, part of, belonging, never alone, praised, secure, safe, believed, appreciated, given all grace, all patience, at peace with, pure, shining, precious, cried over, grieved with, strengthened, emboldened, drawn kindly to repentance, relaxed with, never on trial, never frowned at, never hit with a 2 by 4, delighted in, at rest in, receiving complete access, given gifts, given dreams, given new dreams, continually healed, nurtured, continually sheltered from the full brunt of devastation, taken shame from, carried, never mocked, never punished, almost all of my jokes enjoyed, not behind, not outside, given endless affection.

Doesn’t much feel like it at the moment. But that’s how the gig works. That’s the depth of His love, whether you or I feel I deserve it or not. Deserve has long ago left the building.”

We are over 50% to funding this thing. I'm like a starving squirrel at an acorn farm I'm so excited.

John Lynch