Hot Potato

You’re aware we don’t have to take the bait, right?

So, last week the political process threw out another hot potato. Guessing it won’t be the last by November.

There is a world of difference between giving a “defense to everyone who asks you to give an account for the hope that is in you” and “a knee-jerk response to anything we want to correct the world on.”

Its like many of us believe if the subject gets brought up, we have a moral obligation to give our particular take and denounce those who don’t agree with us … in the name of defending Jesus.

He probably doesn’t need such defense.

Has anyone else noticed?
-Most anymore don’t even bother to engage in conversations with most of the religious community, except for television news hosts looking for an odd angle.
-Most of our battles and sniping usually ends up against each other.
-Every time we play into this scenario, non-believers are given increased reason to mistrust that our faith would make any difference to their lives.
-Every time we play into this scenario-we ourselves lose some measure of hope that this life in Christ makes much difference in how we treat each other.
-Nobody feels better afterward, and everyone feels less safe to share their wondering or doubts.

Even a half-baked theory of learning and the learner reveals the futility in such shadow boxing.

*Most heart convictions are not swayed appreciably by those we do not appreciably trust
*Most aren’t waiting for us to share our particular nuance of conviction on the subject
*Most convictions are not formed only by well-formed argumentations
*Most shouldn’t be expected to carry positions bearing the heart of God without the nature of God within them.

You know we’re not a theocracy, right? You know non-believers are not only not able to, but are not held to whatever you or I might think is a Biblical position, right? About the only thing they’ll be eternally accountable to is what they do with the offer of Jesus. The only sufficient basis for any morality we want them to produce follows that choice.

It is much less important that we get it right on whatever position this presidential campaign throws at us, than that we display real love to those diametrically opposing our position.
And when tables were to be turned over, Peter didn’t do it. The Messiah did it. He still does and He still can.

Yes, there are times where you will either be required or needed to give your take.
Its fine that you have a position on every conceivable issue there is.

But usually such opportunities come with permission and trust. Without those two our takes won’t usually really matter much to anyone but ourselves.

Permission and trust. That’s the currency of real lovers, of real game-changers. They get in close enough through permission and the ability to be trusted, and from there they get to influence. Sometimes they get to influence the entire course of history. We’ve got several chapters, (six and seven) about this process in “The Cure”.

You want to defend Jesus?…then love. And don’t feel the need to feed controversy just because it shows up freshly again in the headlines.

When such Love showed up on earth:

It drove the Pharisees crazy.
It convinced the humbly needy they had found the right Messiah.
It revealed the damage the evil one had done on this planet.
It revealed how much damage sin had done to us.
It revealed who we would become if we trusted our new life in Him.
It formed a movement that nothing in the world has been able or will be able to topple.

If any political system could have produced a new nature to enact and live out the lofty aspirations of its platform, there would’ve been no need for a Savior, a Gospel and a Third Way.

It might be good for us to take a deep breath, relax and remember that Jesus comes back on a really cool horse. Oh, and the Olympics, they happen this summer. We’ve got that going for us.

John-one of the three amigos, part of the ever-growing tribe of grace…

John Lynch