Joy Will Come

This is for all of us who set up a life we thought would live out and validate the convictions of Christ's love, grace, life, freedom, healing and goodness we had come to place our hope in. And then it didn't play out the way we thought it would. Our own failure, or stuff that just came out of left field ran like a brush fire through the world we naively thought was unharmable. 

At first we sit devastated amid the rubble...But God... Someone told me recently the value, vindication of trusting God is not proven or disproven in any action, revelation, accolade, advancement or personal crisis. It is not invalidated in career setback or even the deterioration of the strengths we thought we'd always carry. The vindication and validation is found in what God does next, as we trust Him in the daily playing out of this new reality. 

Then you discover there is really no other human experience on this fallen orb. Everyone is gamely, at some point, trying to find their way in the aftermath of our own disillusionment. In fact, as another friend told me, such sadness, confusion, set-back and loss is your very validating event-giving you permission to influence even more than you ever imagined. And joy will of these mornings. For He knows right where you are, and He adores you more than 10 million yet unnamed galaxies.

John Lynch