More Than Just Brutally Honest

Being Truefaced is not so much about being brutally honest about everything and anything. Sometimes being brutally honest is the most unloving and dishonest thing you can do. Some of the most loudly obnoxious and destructive folk in the Room of Good Intentions are utterly and brutally honest. Those who are learning to be Truefaced are discovering what life can look like when I come out of hiding, or bluffing. They are learning to see God without the moralistic shame filter. And so they are not afraid of what is revealed about themselves. They discover God has already seen it all from before the world began, and still actively delights in them and adores them beyond human words. It changes everything about how they carry themselves. They cherish finding places where there is a safe place to be known. They value it above most all other conditions. And so they become an incredibly safe place for others. They are trusted and needed and utterly enjoyed. Their life develops purpose, fulfillment they never dreamt was possible. And they can no longer imagine a life where they fight it out by themselves, trying to impress God and put on a mask for others. They have discovered this magic: if they would risk friendships of vulnerable authenticity, eventually they will know a community where the worst of them could be known and they’d be loved more, not less in the telling it. 

Unresolved issues begin to melt, historic wounding begins to lose its power. They begin to come under the influence of trusted others. And Jesus pours wisdom, truth, insight and discernment into their very being as a gift. Their behaviors don’t change overnight. It’s not really even their goal. Their goal is to love and be loved. And behaviors will change as a by-product. More and more are risking this ancient way of life. And once they’ve tasted it, they can no more go back to their religiously tidy world than they could sew a quilt out of wet snakes. This righteousness, my believing friend, has already happened to you. You can enjoy it as soon as you’d like. Like even as you read these words…Cool life about to happen for you!

John Lynch