So Excited I Might Break A Rib Just Thinking About It

Dear Friends, (From our Friends of Truefaced e-mail sent out today)

For the first time in 17 years we are about to write a Truefaced book without three authors. Bill and Bruce think the time is right for John Lynch to write the book he has been dreaming of for years. Much like C.S. Lewis gave us the indelible image of the Land of Narnia, John desires to express the fullness of what a life in grace looks like through the difficulties of life. On My Worst Day will be rich, funny, thought-provoking and a wonderful companion to The Cure.

Have you always wanted a signed baseball from a mediocre former college baseball player (John Lynch) or the official "book inspiration" tea of one of your favorite authors? Probably not, but you can get these and many other great thank you gifts as you make On My Worst Day possible. Below is a link to our fundly site where you can support the dream and learn more about the book.

If you can imagine Jesus taking the "s" (shame) out of our Curse, you can imagine The Cure.

It's a New Day!

John Lynch