The Village Wheelbarrow

Well, I'm writing, like a angry, chafed ferret gnawing on a stick of bacon-infused balsa wood! I so want to bring you along the journey. I will be including snippets of the book as we go. So far I feel much like a confident and caring villager who promised to bring a wheelbarrow full of food to a hungry neighbor, only to discover once he's left the house that he doesn't own a wheelbarrow....But I don't think I've been as excited about anything in a very long time. "On My Worst Day" is a first person expression of what it looks like to try out this life of grace: in every season, every loss, every failure, every joy, every confusion, every devastation, every clinging memory, every shockingly unexpected reception of love. When I get discouraged, or feel overwhelmed by the scope and timetable, I look at this funding site and see your gifts. I know you people! Many of you do not have the amount you've given to this project. I'm blown away. You either believe I can write this book, or, like watching the demolition derby at the County Fair, would enjoy a good crash. I am preferring to believe the former. Anyway, thank you. I think there's a little less than 3 weeks to get on the train. We're about a third of the way to our goal to help write it and get a first run out. Well, I'll check in later. I'm back to writing this story I've been trying to cough up like a fur ball. With great love, gratefulness and trust of this Jesus I am writing with and about-John...for the 3 amigos and the entire tribe of grace we have stumbled into.

John Lynch