We Are Coming to You

Word on the street has it that the publisher’s last copies of Truefaced have left the building. Its been rumored you can still procure copies from a local numbers runner named “Louie”. He sells them, at an inflated price, out of the back of his van, late at night, behind a bowling alley, somewhere near the town of Alamogordo, New Mexico. We are in no way sanctioning the site. And you did not hear about it on this blog.

But we must admit this was all an intentional inevitability. We wrote The Cure and The Cure Study Guide and DVD to replace Truefaced. But take heart. Almost everything you may have enjoyed about Truefaced is found in The Cure, and the links at the end of each chapter. The new version is a fresh, street-level retelling of the Two Roads journey along with invaluable new concepts, truths, applications and principles we’ve not before put in writing. But wait, there’s more! In the Study Guide we have included Bible studies teaching how to see the Scriptures without a filter of moralism or shame. And that’s not all! There are dozens of DVDs used to introduce each study session, and almost endless supplemental videos in the book links. These all give incredible depth in how to nurture developing environments and relationships of grace, health and life. And there are pictures, cool graphics and enough fun that make your soul smile.

Still, some of you liked Truefaced very, very much, and you do not like change. We understand this. Granted, we have not enjoyed the angry threats, or the toilet papering of our homes. But we do understand your chagrin.

So, as a kind gesture to salve wounds, Bill, Bruce and John have agreed to drive to your home, and allow you to pick from a variety of customer appreciation options. We are willing, as a trio, to sing songs made famous by The Righteous Brothers, or ones your audience selects for us. Bill will offer brief woodworking classes, while Bruce will explain food paring with wines, (or non-alcoholic equivalents). I will be happy to give my take on the American League’s continuing use of the designated hitter. Additionally, our fellow team member, speaker and future author, David Pinkerton, will give his takes on the relative value of particular wood-fire pizza ovens.

(In truth, none of that will probably happen, ever…except for David’s willingness to talk to you about pizza ovens.)

But, if you have been taking groups through Truefaced and are now not sure how to transfer to The Cure, we would be honored to walk you through how these tools could powerfully be used in your teaching, smalls groups and counseling, in a wonderful way.

Just contact us through Info@truefaced.com or call us at 1-602-249-7000.

John, one of the three amigos, part of the ever-growing tribe of grace…

John Lynch