We Carry This Together

I tell people that I would make the world’s worst POW. I would sell out after 3 minutes of water depravation. I drink a lot of water in a day so I like to cut myself some slack, knowing that this is most people’s 30 minutes. 

I know without doubt, that I need people around me. Even when I can’t stand the people, or when I get hurt; I am absolutely convinced I need to let others into my life. This is one of the greatest pains for many of us who long for such a community, we don’t have it, and we don’t see it on the horizon. I say this fully knowing the privilege I have to be around those who are steeped in this way.

We know this isn’t easy. This is why Truefaced exists; to try and give you the tools to invite others into this way of life.  The Cure small group experience, blogs, podcasts, Cure Experience Events, etc.... we are trying to give language to this way of life so you can experience it with others and speak the same language. 

I get fantastic opportunities to share my heart and use these same tools, but I can go to that place, where I imagine so many fellow carriers of this message go. I can’t carry this message the way that I wish I could. I don’t have the voice, the following, the position, the platform, etc… if I could just… I imagine you can fill in your own personal angst here.
And while you might be thinking I just set you up for a post on how thankful you should be; instead I say hallelujah. In the midst of our mixed motives and emotions; God is powerfully propelling this unquenchable desire. 

This desire to know, to live, to speak, to share His incredible Good News… it’s good news. It is good news that we can’t help but want to be prophetic about the gospel once again. It is good news that we want to carry this gospel to the ends of the earth. And while we may not know how to move this message as far and fast as we would like in our communities, it is more than ok to hope and pray God would use us to do that very thing. That is the exact prayer of the Truefaced team all the time.

But we get to carry this a little differently than we might have carried our first evangelical efforts. Bruce is fond of telling us, “You don’t sell grace, you offer it as a gift to the ready. And if you realize someone isn’t ready, just love them. Grace has time. This is a hard banner to carry when you are more used to measurable outcomes and control. It takes an insane trust in our new identity in Christ to wait; to offer love even when it seems like it is dropping into the void.

So with that said, Thank you. You are the men and women who are drinking deeply of this message of grace and freedom; turning your relationships on their heads with this original good news. We carry this message together, for our friends, for our kids, for our church communities, for the thousands of people that you see daily who can’t fathom a Jesus who loves them. This is a love that could shake off the shackles and apathy that bind those we love, and those we wish would let us love them. We are praying that our newest resources will be the catalyst for just such a reality in your life and for those you influence.

John Lynch