True Dat

Few, other than parents, read the Acknowledgment section in a book. But we spent the better portion of several hours on this so I’m going to give it more airplay. And besides, we’re writing this about you. So there’s something. Here’s an excerpt. Enjoy.

“All over the world, a company of people stand with us, loving us in our vulnerability, earning our trust, so they can give us wisdom and influence to strengthen our ability to accurately speak and live this Gospel of God’s grace.

Countless thousands encourage us simply by living out the life we are attempting to paint. They form a community that folds in and out of hundreds of businesses, universities, churches, families, individuals, ministries, media outlets, coalitions and organizations. They are musicians, authors, theologians, counselors, doctors, pastors, students, journalists, educators, missionaries, politicians, professional coaches and athletes, homemakers, executives…and addicts, the incarcerated, victims of trafficking, the estranged, failed and defrocked leaders, the ideologically oppressed. They represent all ages and transcend all cultures, ideologies, age, gender and ethnicity. We write and speak with them.”

True dat…

John, one of the Three Amigos, part of the ever-growing tribe of grace.

John Lynch