Bo's Cafe Review

So, “Bo’s Café” is coming out September 25th! I was cruising around the Internet the other day, seeing if anyone had written anything…and I came across our first review! It’s from “The Review Broads.” I love that our first review was from such a title. They’re great reviewers. They give their take on products, services, books, music-you name it. Anyway, as I read their take, I was blown away. To think in our little corner of the world, we get the privilege of writing and rewriting words that eventually go onto paper and then out into the hearts of people, maybe all over the world. To think that these people who don’t know us, got it and valued these truths! That a non-faith based reviewer deeply enjoyed our book. Too cool. I sat there reading, so grateful, so thankful, so hopeful.

So, here’s their review. Enjoy. And when you get a copy of “Bo’s” please write one yourself, to your world, to your influence. That’s how this whole thing works. One voice telling their world about what has been valuable to them. From our end, friends like you are pretty much our entire marketing campaign. Thanks friends for being on this ride with us. It means a whole lot.  With great love and grace…

John…for Bill, Bruce and the entire TrueFaced team.

“When I first opened “Bo’s Cafe”, I thought “oops – this one goes to Broad Z!” Zippy reviews self-help books. And I started reading anyway.

The story of Steven and Lindsey Kernen, Andy Monroe, with the restored Buick Electra, and the folks at Bo’s Cafe is more than a story. This novel is about any of us. All of our lives resonate within each page. The book follows the journey of Steven Kernen, often backfiring like any old engine, whose life and marriage is falling apart because of his rage and “It’s not my fault” attitude. Steven, a big corporate businessman, at a big company is losing it. Enter Andy Monroe, an ex-big businessman who now works at a marina. Throw in Andy and Hank and Cynthia from Bo’s Cafe, and the dance begins.

The heart of this novel is about spirituality. Because this novel is short and sweet, I don’t want to give away any more. In the days before I dropped corporate America to work part-time in a peaceful arena that suited my laid back personality, I was Steven Kerner. Every sentence hit its mark. Don’t let me steer you wrong here – this book titillates, bounces you up and down and back again, and the brakes are put down hard when the Steven revs too high. I absolutely loved it and it touched me deeply. If you’re a fan of “The Shack”, you’ll love this novel.

Fast read, and extraordinarily interesting, couldn’t put it down.

Drive it out of the lot readers, it’s a winner!”


John Lynch