Giant Cardboard Checks

One of the great perks the three of us get is to receive the stunned, elated appreciation of those experiencing for the first time these truths about their righteousness, these reformational truths of the Original Good News. They say things like, “You just don’t know. My life is changed, forever! I will never see anything the same. How do I ever thank you?”

At times like these I feel like the guy showing up at the house of a sweepstakes winner, carrying that giant cardboard check, representing the givers of the gift. The winners jump up and down, scream and hug the guy with the giant cardboard check. And that guy probably just works in shipping and put on a tie for the occasion.

That’s what I feel like every time someone gets undone. People look into your eyes like you’re the giver of the gift. I just smile and say thanks, and celebrate with them. They don’t need to know I’m in shipping. And besides, I did have to carry the cardboard check. Those things can get awkward to carry after a couple of minutes!

The truths contained in “The Cure” are not the clever ideas of some folk imagining “what if?”. We’re just part of that growing tribe of messengers bringing that giant cardboard check with endless zeros to people who had learned to live guarded lives of tepid, religious, fixed income.

The grateful and appreciative ones are actually saying, “You showed me the God I love in a way I had always hoped might be true, but had been indoctrinated to not dare believe.”

I don’t know about the others, but when people want to hug and thank me, I just smile and let them. They’ll know soon enough who to thanks. In truth they already know who to thank. Its just that I happen to be in front of them at the moment. And God knows the people in shipping need to be hugged.

So get ready my friends. As you give out “The Cure”, as you take folks through the Study Guide and DVDs coming out in the not so distant future, some of your friends are going to get it. That light will come on, and you’ll see this wonderful look come over them. That’s when it will happen.

I’m telling you. They’re gonna try to hug you! You may want to stretch or limber up. Nobody needs back issues in this line of work…

John. One of the Three Amigos, part of the ever-growing shipping department of grace

John Lynch