Here Comes The Cure

Our new book “The Cure” comes out this week, or soon after. Folks in Topeka may be reading it at this very moment. Though I doubt it. Topeka has never been a strong market for us. …I’m not sure why.

We want to continue to examine, in real time, what life looks and feels like, with God and others, seen through this lens of the Original Good News. So we’re writing a blog! Usually it will be me, (John) but from time to time it may be Bruce, or an occasional guest blogger. I’ll try to keep them short (which is like asking Bob Dylan to not wear a hat). Sometimes these observations will be quick, fun, check-ins, sometimes the reflections of grace attempted in messy, painful, confusing, exasperating life. Often we’ll tackle a concept from the book, sometimes we’ll venture into answering questions…or hate mail. But always we’ll attempt to encourage you that living in grace, from our new identity, in community, is not a theoretical fantasy but a real way of life, meant for such as us.

This blog can be a bit of an ongoing conversation. Drop by often and leave a comment. Even if you have nothing profound at the moment, leave even a tepid hello…just to encourage me I’m not writing this only to relatives.

So, in the name of brevity, I take my leave. Thanks for coming on board.

John. One of the Three Amigos, part of the ever-growing tribe of grace.

John Lynch