Re-adjusting Tupperware Lids

So, the release of “The Cure” begins. It initiates with me driving through the three-block target area around my home. I first strategically shout through a bullhorn while pressing on the horn, just to gain initial consumer awareness. Then I park and stand next to my open trunk full of freshly printed books, with a sign reading, “You might as well get them now. I’m not going to stop this until you do. Have a nice day!” And so the marketing campaign begins. Kind of a retro, grass roots approach…

Probably all three of the authors are asking something similar, as the day approaches when we will get to see an actual copy of our book: “Will this make a difference?” What we do know is this: It is much less important that this book compellingly clarifies a position than that someone actually risks trying out the compelling position it is clarifying. For no reformation, no restoration of any lasting value succeeds by convincing anyone that a particular position might be the best of present options. The only way the re-embracing of this Original Good News ever gets a chance is if some of us dare to put it on, the entire outfit, in all of its implications. It does little if we embrace a thought or two but retain a life theology that keeps us trapped in either striving religious sin-management or Pharisaical pride. It has to affect someone’s relationship with their children. It must cause someone to smile in the darkness, it must give a wounded community new hope. It must cause someone to write new music. It must begin to release safety and engender the palpable sense of being known. It must inspire great dreams and convince someone in humility to trust God and others with the worst that is true about them. It must allow me to receive and enjoy the love of my God beyond measure.

The contention that we can stand in present, actual righteousness is that big an idea.

And until we see the potential and grow to disdain the alternative, we’re just re-adjusting lids on Tupperware containers.

Sometime in January, after you’ve read through the book, we will follow with one of the most brilliantly and artfully produced study guides and DVDs we’ve ever seen. Get them by the boatload. Meet in groups with those you want to risk this life with. These truths are transferable. These truths are timeless. These truths are only powerful when they are put on. These truths are not new and they initiated with no man.

Not sure you can know how powerfully encouraging it is to stand with the likes of you all on this journey.

John. One of the Three Amigos, part of the ever-growing tribe of grace

John Lynch