So Much Fun

I can’t adequately describe how much fun I’m having writing content for the characters from “Bo’s Café” as they talk to each other on our new website-bo’

You click on the door of the restaurant and it takes you out onto the upstairs deck, where you’re seated at a table next to the regulars. Each week some combination of Hank, Cynthia, Lindsey, Carlos, Bo, Andy and Steven show up to discuss their lives, Bo’s cooking and whatever messy stuff coming out of an environment trying to figure out how to live in grace, authenticity, and love. It’s a lot of fun. The restaurant is open for business. You can drop by and who knows, maybe you’re eating shrimp on a plate just like everyone else.

What is Bo’s Café like? We tried to describe it in a piece for the website:

“Every now and then we stumble upon a place that feels different. You might find it on a trip out of town or sometimes it might be a place you discover right in your ownneighborhood. The place kind of sneaks up on you. Maybe it’s the music, or the upstairs deck, or the smell of good food. Something about it feels…safe, real, fun, alive…authentic, unrehearsed, true. You stumble into conversations and in very little time feel like you’re becoming known. Or you can sit off in the corner with a nice drink and just be there, talking to no one until you’re ready. The place is almost always comfortably full, but rarely crowded. And there’s laughter. Not that obnoxious drunken laughter of lonely bravado, but the laughter of friends enjoying each other. You eventually get a sense that no matter what you tell these friends, they are going to care for you more, not less. But hey, we’re getting our socks on over our boots here, aren’t we? You’ll figure out that out over time at Bo’s. Nobody needs to tell you.

There are some regulars here. They’re right over there, in the middle of the deck crowd. Carlos, Cynthia, Hank, Andy. Sometimes Steven and Lindsey show up. Scattered around the deck you got your doctors and lawyers. There’s a sheet metal guy, a city council member, a couple of plumbers. Tech nerds chillin’ with hospital workers. Shop owners, students from all over town.

And there’s Bo himself, the owner of this restaurant! No matter what you order he’ll tell you he’s giving you 5-day old carp. It’s his own running joke. Don’t let his insults, intimidating size and booming Cajun voice scare you off. He’s one of the most real and kind people you’ll ever meet.

Well, wander around the site, until you’ve found what you’re looking for. There are conversations going on in several rooms. On the deck itself they don’t even mind if you enter in. Soon you’ll be a regular. You’ll see.”

See you there, friends!

John (for Bruce and Bill and all the regulars…)

John Lynch