Something is Afoot...

Maybe it’s just me. (I’m told it often is)…But I witnessed something wonderful and maybe even historic at our TrueFaced 12 Intensive Conference, held last week in Scottsdale, Arizona. When we started inviting others, back in the early-90s, to partner with us in these truths of identity and environments of grace-it was often kind of sketchy. The truths felt, to some, seditious, dangerous, or at least somewhat impractical and utopian. God had been stirring a practical theology of grace into the hearts of many coming to our events. But there was this largely unspoken fear that if anyone found they were hanging out with these truths, they’d be suspect. Seeing the Scriptures through the lens of grace, of creating an environment of grace, was largely something most were learning for only private application, or for helping raise their family. But to infiltrate church systems, ministries and organizations with these truths? Are you kidding me! It felt nearly impossible. Nobody even knew where to start. In those days there was not much cross-pollinating. People would leave the conferences full of awe, wonder and hope, but not ready to engage much with others, for fear they’d be put on a list somewhere and lose their membership card in something or other.

That was then, and this is now! God’s doing something incredible in His Church right now! We’re discovering when we convene these conferences on creating and nurturing environments of grace-those coming aren’t only hungry to learn these truths, but passionate to learn how to incorporate such a life where they live. They are blown away and full of unbridled delight to find a room full of others who are dreaming the same dream. It’s wildly infectious. This last TF12 felt like we’d convened a partial “Who’s Who” of our heroes of grace. Many of them have stood in these truths faithfully for decades. And they were now making friendships and networks with those just discovering this life in grace. It was powerful and sacred to watch. Suddenly, we discovered we weren’t the only voices. In fact, we weren’t even the most important voices. Our friends had to see that this life works outside the teaching of Bill, Bruce and John. They couldn’t wait to talk to friends we brought in for lunch just to tell their story and listen to the stories of their new friends! It was magical.

Something is afoot in Narnia. We’re now putting together these Team Intensives quarterly. We don’t have this all perfectly packaged. We’re still learning how to best let these truths transfer. It’s fragile, messy and sacredly beautiful and hopeful all at the same time. Our next one is in February. If you have a team of folks moving in a similar dream, you could be seated with us, daring to risk the power and health of a community trying on these truths. You could imagine and dare to envision what this all could look like in your community. We’ll supply the content, the context and the coaching. You just show up with a team and an open heart. It’s a rush, it’s a blast, it’s a life-changing several days.  You can sign up a team by contacting David Pinkerton at TrueFaced.

We’ll see some of you in February. And we’ll see the rest of you at Bo’s Café whenever you like.

John, for Bruce and Bill and the rest of the TrueFaced team

John Lynch