Your "Testimony" is Not About Your Superior Behavior

 Many of us are afraid to tell others with confidence about Jesus, because of our own compromised lives. "Once I've cleaned up my act, then I can proudly say, 'Hey look at what Jesus can do!'" Look, your testimony is not about your superior behavior. No one comes to trust Jesus because of your improved behavior. Your testimony is what God has done and is doing with your astonishingly bad behavior. Your failures, real compromise, real, present-tense sin. How He loves you, enoys you, protects you, walks with you, defines Himself as fused with you, reveals you to you, calls you out, and completely forgives you in the midst of it. God can handle your immaturity and the truth of what you really do. Just tell of the stunning wonder of who He really is. Even if you, in telling it, have yesterday's gravy and tobacco juice all over your shirt.

John Lynch