Back From New Zealand

Well, the three amigos are back from the Land Down Under. One of our conferences was cancelled, Bill’s luggage handles were torn off in transit, I got food poisoning the evening before speaking four times in one day, and Bruce and I most assuredly made enemies throughout New Zealand as we drove on the wrong side of the road, inadvertently turning on our windshield wipers every time we wanted to indicate a lane change.

…But what we asked God for happened in spades. Everywhere we spoke, people would come up afterwards and speak a pretty consistent statement. They look into your eyes and stare, like they’re begging us to take their words seriously: “All my life I have hoped that this is what God was like and how we could live with Him and with others. I just never knew anyone else could see it. And I didn’t have language to help others find the Room of Grace. You three have given us hope and language. This Gospel of God’s grace is so incredibly freeing! We will never be the same. Thank you.”

Still now I don’t know how to respond, after God has met with another and they thank you for it. But it never ever is anything but the most fulfilling feeling in the world. I want to keep doing this for the rest of my life.

Bruce and Bill and I had great times together just as I asked God for in my last entry. We recommitted our hearts to each other, talking and dreaming late into the night and laughing, eating and walking our way through Australia and New Zealand.

This ministry gig doesn’t bring in much money but there are sure some nice perks. All of you who’ve given your heart to the same thing, either vocationally or as a volunteer-you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s that moment when someone looks deep into your eyes, begging you to take their words seriously. And they thank you for what God did in them through your life.

Nothing finer anywhere on this earth than that moment.

John-for Bruce and Bill

ThoughtsJohn Lynch