Kind of My World? Cont...

If if we are supposed to trust God, and if we can trust God;, then what are we to trust Him with?
*1st-trust is not expecting that He’ll make things work out the way we always want. That’s not trusting God-it’s conjuring up a stupid and mean genie. For much of what we think should happen is dead wrong, destructive, and unloving. We trust the One who loves us more than we do will make things work out the way He wants and in a way that 1 day I’ll see was what I wanted.

David would say- “Here’s what I trust”:
*He makes no mistakes regarding me

  • He loves me and all that concerns me more than I do
  • He can turn every wrong done against me into good
  • He is never setting me up or mocking me*He will not let anything snatch me from His hand

*He will only ever do right by me
*Every thing He allows, denies, stops, causes, refuses-
comes only/always from His perfect love for me

  • He is completely able to take care of all injustice against me without me taking it into my own hands
  • Nothing outside of His will for me will win

All of these come down to 4 beliefs about God:

  • He is completely able and willing to protect my world
  • He loves me more than I will ever be able to
  • He will do for me only what is best for me
  • He has proven Himself worthy of my trust and submission

All these come down to 4 beliefs about me:

  • I cannot protect my world
  • I cannot trust me with all that concerns me
  • I need to not be the judge, or take things into my hands
  • I must learn to trust His character, trust who He says I am in Him, wait, do right, live in humility, work faithfully, enjoy, forgive, love, repent, affirm…rinse, lather, repeat.

So I take these truths about God’s character, ability/goodness and lay them over every event entering my experience. Then I respond out of that safety, protection, strength, love, beauty.

This will radically, revolutionize you! It changes how you see life, how you respond to life, how you interact w/others, how well you’re enjoyed, how well you face adversity, how well you enjoy life!

And sometimes…it doesn’t rain and crops die, sometimes the worst imaginable happens and sometimes it doesn’t make sense and sometimes it is so slow, and sometimes it all goes horribly wrong and sometimes you cry out and it doesn’t seem like He’s listening and sometimes it feels like He takes you past what you can bear.

Ah, but this is when the magic happens! Where reality is spun on its head and the effects and events of evil and wrong somehow, sometime all turn into good on my behalf and for those who I care about. This is the promise of Romans 8:28. Paul says, “Not all things are good; some are horrible and evil. But for you who have put your trust in Me, I promise to turn every single one of them into good for your best and for My glory!” That’s crazy talk! But it is exactly what Jesus purchased at the cross. Go figure.

Self-protection is an oxymoron…Many of us have been pretending we could. And it is killing us.

Those who decide to risk their trust Him-they have a great life-no matter what comes. They just get life. They’re more alive, more free, more playful, more enjoyed, trusted, loved, more at peace, more other’s centered, more generous, more grateful, they smile more, judge less, are safer for others, and they are deeply and wonderfully in awe and in love with God.

Trust is always earned. And none of us is to be trusted in every area. I want you to trust my person, but there is much about me not to trust. Fixing your car, running the church budget, or organizing my schedule come to mind.

At the cross He earned my trust. Either He’s fully trustworthy, in every area or you and I worship a liar.

It’s not too late. The dye is not set. What kind of life do you and I want? I’m trying this world out too. It’s scary and it feels like I’m giving up a lot of control. But I’m tired and I’m weary of the emptiness of my inability to run or protect my world. He’s promised this protection. It’s time I took Him up on it.

John Lynch