Have you ever felt like you were enough?

Have you ever felt like you were enough?

I have. For a few seconds after a job well done. A few minutes after an athletic success. For a whole night after what felt like a stellar stage performance. For a weekend when I felt in my element helping others.

Add them all together and you could live a close to perfect week in my shoes. But that is all you would get. A week is not much when compared to the years of my life.

Maybe you, like me, are starting to realize you've lived hoping to be successful, accepted, and delighted in. You've hoped that you would achieve these more and more from God. You've hoped to prove that you’re worth it.

But maybe, like me, you are realizing you haven't believed, or at least experienced a God who delighted in you, instead of what you could do for him.

What if?

What if there was a place so safe that the worst of US could be known and we'd be loved more not less in the telling of it? And what if it is God who offers this kind of life?

If you have ever asked questions like this, then you are part of the millions who helped us make The Path. This new 3-minute video will be free to watch, free to enjoy, and free to share and discuss on January 26.

But most importantly, is offers you freedom to consider that there could be such a God and such a life.


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David Pinkerton