Freed to Destiny

"Few destinies are more beautiful than the ones given to those who set out from the Room of Grace to find those who have yet to find it." The Cure p. 24

When we first get introduced to the Room of Grace, many of us wondered aloud why we hadn't heard about this place sooner. Since our first days 21 years ago as Leadership Catalyst through today as Trueface, our passion has been to bring hundreds of thousands of leaders into the Room of Grace, so that these leaders could do the same.

Every destiny is unique, but what each destiny has in common is the potential for a safe place of trust, where grace and truth invite others home. This truly is a grand and freeing commission. 

If you have spent a day or decades in this Room of Grace, you will already know that this is the place you want to bring others into. So don't worry about credentials or whether you feel like you have influence or not - you are right on time, and placed exactly where Jesus wants to use you.

We made The Path for exactly this reason. For those of you who are looking for a new way to extend this invitation of freedom, this video is as accessible to non-believers as it is to those with who have known Jesus for a decade. 

We invite you to join us this Thursday, January 26, in our shared destiny of inviting friends home to the Room of Grace.

David Pinkerton