Brittany Sawrey is delighted to be the Project Coordinator for Trueface and help spread its message of grace. Involved in a variety of roles, from content creation to social media management to strategic planning, she enjoys the fast-paced and dynamic environment of Trueface. She received her B.S. in Biology from Pepperdine University and her MSc in Conservation Science from Imperial College London, where she graduated as the highest performing student overall. She has spent time doing fieldwork in both Namibia and Mauritius, and previously worked as a zookeeper with elephants and large carnivores (Trueface leadership tells her this is what qualifies her to work with them). 

Brittany enjoys playing the harp, training in Krav Maga and writing novels, and if you asked her favorite literary character her knee-jerk reaction would be Lucy from Narnia but she really couldn’t say.