DUE ON: 12 September 2018


Please arrive at our second retreat prepared with the following:

1. Convictions: Refer to binder p36: I would like you to think about 3 to 5 of your convictions, remembering what a conviction is: something that I believe is truth, that I act upon, and it therefore forms a basis for who I am and what I do.

2. David & Saul: Please review "Reflections on David's Repentance," and "Saul's Disobedience," and come prepared with 2-3 insights to discuss and share. 

3. Story: During the course of our time together we are going to share our stories and I would like you to prepare 3 or 4 stories about moments in your life that have had a profound impact on you --good or bad. Discover in your story the principles that really made that story so significant to you. Please come prepared to share your stories and their principles.

4. Romans/Grace Series: As time allows, review the Grace Series (in the back of your binder) but especially listen to the lessons on Romans 7 & 8.


Tell your cohort about yourself. Please fill out the "meet your cohort" bio form.