invitation to trueface mentoring

Over the last year, I have been before the Lord and in discussion with my wife and friends about what will be my “next.”

I have had 50 years in ministry: 35 years communicating alongside John Lynch and 22 years partnering with Bruce McNicol in leadership development. As you know, the three of us have codified and written about the amazing message of “the original good news” through our Trueface ministry.  It has become quite clear that the blessing and privilege of this extended experience enable me to spend this next season of my ministry mentoring emerging marketplace leaders, communicators, and consultants.

Starting in 2018 and into 2019, I will walk alongside three cohorts of leaders in these fields.  You are one of those leaders.  Partnering with cohort leaders Jeremy Affeldt (communicator), Bob Bernatz (consultant) and Doug Houston (business leader), we want to walk alongside you over the course of two years, mentoring and guiding you your own application of God’s miraculous grace and the application of this message to your field.



Lead by Bill Thrall & Bob Bernatz

Over the next two years, we will have five two-day retreats with your consultant cohort in an interactive learning experience. The cohort will consist of 8 to 9 other key consultants.  Also, because of your personal and professional influence, I want to encourage you to consider bringing one or two protégés with you.  My primary goal is to spend mentoring time with you and for you to have the opportunity and privilege to mentor those you bring. They will participate in all of the training exercises and fellowship time.

Together, we will look at how our message of grace, its principles, and the key scriptures help me, as a consultant, take the message of grace into the organizations and churches with which God has given me to work.

My primary goal is to use our time together in the cohort to answer some real practical questions such as:

  • How do you get started talking to a client about the critical importance of grace?
  • How do you develop trust with the client and their key relationships?
  • How does the effectiveness of your consulting deepen as the message of grace is embedded into the leadership and culture of your client organizations?

Ongoing Communication

At least monthly, I will personally be available to you by phone. My goal is to be available to you as often as you need while you are “in the moment” facing issues and circumstances into which you would appreciate my speaking.

I have learned that the most difficult part of this message of grace for consultants is the process of applying these principles, relationships of trust and environments of Grace into the life of the leader and his or her organization.  That is why the consultants’ cohort is so valuable.  I am very excited about this possibility and very excited about the prospect of us joining together in this.

Additional Information


February 6 - 7,  2018

July 10 - 11, 2018

November 6 - 7, 2018

May 7 - 8 2019

November 5 - 6, 2019


COST:  $2,500.00

Cost to cover accommodation, meals, and materials. Travel will be covered by each participant.


Bill Thrall is one of the wisest men I know when it comes to helping men and women to mature into leaders who are both strong in character and deeply gracious in spirit. Since you exemplify these qualities, it is not an accident that you have been selected come under his mentoring over the next two years.  God is eager to deepen our love and wisdom and, in turn, to expand our influence with the people we have the privilege to engage.  I pray that you thoughtfully consider this opportunity to work with Bill in this unique process.