Trueface Core Values:

1) Humility First
2) Wholehearted Growth
3) Focused Excellence

Let us explain a little more about each value.


Humility First

· We trust God for our identity, choosing the hard work of humility by trusting God and others with us.

· We put Jesus first individually and organizationally.

· We build trust as a team, putting in consistent time and effort to risk vulnerability, be known, and to know each other.

· We engage in healthy conflict rather than avoidance, speak the truth in love rather than placating, and are curious about the ways we’re self-deceived.


Wholehearted Growth

· We embrace a wholehearted growth mindset – individually and as a team – to learn, mature, and better understand ourselves, each other, and the market we’re called to serve.

· We take risks on worthwhile endeavors, learn from failures, celebrate successes, and choose resilient joy.

· We help our people be spiritually, emotionally, and physically cared for by investing time and money.


Focused Excellence

· We carefully decide ahead of time if a project fits our strategic focus and if we have the time, skill and finances to complete it with excellence.

· When we say yes to a project, we enthusiastically go all in as a team. We honor each others strengths while being willing to sacrifice our preferences.

· We use clear and real-time communication to understand our responsibilities and know what success looks like.