Frequently Asked Questions for the High Trust Leader Certificate

• How long is the High Trust Leader Course?
The HTLC contains 16 modules taught over 16 weeks.

• How much does the High Trust Leader Course Cost?
The HTLC costs only $399 per student.
We are able to keep this course discounted to $399 per student as opposed to University tuition prices because of three things. First, we are using certified Adjunct Faculty who out of passion and conviction volunteer their time. Second, we are offering graduates a Certificate of completion in the HTLC rather than an accreditation for completion. Third, High Trust Leader Center ‘movement catalysts’ are generously subsidizing your course costs.

•What are my registration options for the HTLC?
The HTLC is designed to be taken as a group or team of 3 or more. If you have earned your HTLC and would like to register to lead a team please e-mail

• Isn’t it better to learn these truths in community, face-to-face?
We know how important community is, which is why we have designed this to be taken in teams of two or more. The HTLC course is designed to help you learn how to trust God and others with you. The goal is that what you learn online will translate into your real life community. To help with this process, we have designed face-to-face tools that you will be required to complete with 2 or more trusted others, in person or via web conference.

• What is the HTLC Schedule for 2019?
August 5th - November 24th, 2019 - Registration is now open

• Are there specific times for classes?
There are no "classes" and there is no specific time students will need to be logged in. Do you have time in the early morning? Do you only have time on the weekends? The HTLC is perfectly flexible to you.

• When do I pay?
Payment is due upon registration for the course.

• How do I pay?
You can pay right on the EDU 2.0 site with most major credit cards. 
You may also send us a check for the amount. If sending a check please send an e-mail to with your information. Please send your check immediately as we cannot hold a spot beyond 3 days.

• Is my payment tax deductible?
Trueface is a 501c-3 non-profit, and as such tax deductible donations are an essential part of our organization. However, the HTLC and Center for the Cure Campus Classes do not qualify for a tax deduction as tax law categorizes courses as a service/product and not a donation.

• What is your refund policy?
To withdraw from the program, please submit a written request – email is acceptable. Any refund you may be eligible for will be determined by the date of email submission or postmark on letter sent USPS. Materials are not refundable.
100% Refund of course fee prior to start date of program less $25.00 withdrawal fee. 
50% Refund of course fee through the third week of program.
0% No refund beyond third week of program.

• What are the main parts of each HTLC week?
Each week will be composed of video teaching, reading, face to face exercises/tools, and online discussion.

• How much time should I expect to invest each week?
Students should expect to spend 90 minutes to three hours a week in the course. These three hours include presentations, interaction, exercises, and any reading. Students are more than welcome to spend more time, but the HTLC is geared to fit within three hours a week.

• What are the expectations to earn the HTLC certificate?
Students will complete all reading and exercises. Students will complete the discussion question and respond to at least one other response each week.
Exercise completion will be reviewed by an adjunct faculty member.

• How often will faculty members interact with me?
Faculty members will interact with you at least once a week.

• What does the HTLC qualify me to be or to do?
You will work toward a certificate of completion. As a HTLC graduate you will be able to facilitate those you influence through the life application courses on the High Trust Leader Center. HTLC Graduates will also have an increased level of confidence in teaching and influencing others in the gospel of God's grace.

• What texts will be used in the course?
The Cure and Behind the Mask will be two of the key texts for the HTLC. The Cure can be purchased via Amazon. We will provide an electronic copy of both books.