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Please see below for a broad overview of what we cover each week in the High Trust Leader Course. For more questions, contact

•Week 1:
This Changes Everything

•Week 2:
You Cannot Serve Pleasing and Trusting

•Week 3:
How Sin Management Works (or not)

•Week 4
Who God Says We Are

•Week 5:
Why Shame Keeps People at the Wayside

•Week 6:
A Theology No One Heard Before Jesus

•Week 7:
Actual Righteousness and Holiness (Now)

•Week 8:
The Pivot Point of the Gospel

•Week 9:
How Grace Resolves Overwhelming Desires

•Week 10:
Finding Elusive Peace and Contentment

•Week 11:
It's Not About Sinning Less

•Week 12:
Breaking Free From Shame-Driven Stories

•Week 13:
Learning to be Loved

•Week 14:
Facing Expectations

•Week 15:
Forgiveness and Repentance - Process of Protective Love

•Week 16:
Leadership Power or Leader Influence